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SeaWorld eliminates polystyrene foam tableware from all its theme parks

SeaWorld announced Tuesday that it will phase out styrofoam despite high temperatures, but also in the surrounding area, which is a decisive step towards better stewards of our ocean, the Petersburg Maui region, in the region. region .

Photo by SeaWorldSeaWorld said Tuesday it would eliminate expanded polystyrene porcelain, trays and containers by reviewing the 12 theme parks and changing SeaWorld removes polystyrene it with 100-percent crockery. % of reprocessed content. Styrofoam, even if it is necessary to maintain a high temperature, is not naturally degradable. "This change allows us to maintain approximately 14,000 Styrofoam tabletop tableware components each year that are resistant to decomposition and are difficult to reuse," said Phil Ngo, Vice President of SeaWorld's Park Operations, in a statement. Reducing the footprint of our environment is an integral part of our goal, which is another step towards becoming better stewards of our ocean, their pets and our world. " This change comes 12 months after SeaWorld banned plastic straws and weak agitators by revising the theme parks. Some you. Utes. Cities that banned polystyrene contain Ny, St. Petersburg and the Maui region in the islands. Continue with Tampa fl These kinds of reports and landscapes. Join our weekly newsletters. . A year after

WILLIAMSBURG, Porcelain Trays for their numerous recreational meals each year, as a reduced amount of products that, in landfills with progress, could once open for the season later. use weak plastic in its parks.

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